Mann's Best Friend by Scarlett & Sophie Rickard

How much chaos can one dog attract? In a whirlwind of debt, accusations and failed expectations, Terry Mann finds out who his real friends are. Join Terry and his unsuitable dog Eric in this compelling adventure: even the vet won’t want to put it down!


This critically-acclaimed debut graphic novel from the Rickard sisters is funny and sad, tragic and triumphant by turns. Welcome to the fictional town of Oldroyd, where the lives of ordinary people play out a heartwarming story of family, friendship and fear of failure.


"What ensues is a bittersweet drama of ordinary lives… It’s compassionate and compelling, grounded in the hilly northern English countryside where the book is set, and brimming with character. Recommended for those who like their comics to have a finely-tuned blend of uplifting grittiness." Grovel


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Coming soon: A Blow Borne Quietly

An epistolary graphic novel by Scarlett & Sophie Rickard

This story will make you laugh, then cry, then read it again. Set in the 1880s, A Blow Borne Quietly tells the irresistibly poignant true tale of three siblings formed entirely from their intimate letters. The stoic but fragile Caroline, her wildly optimistic brother Charles, and their sister Florence write with loving humour and optimism as they face the devastating consequences of a characteristically ambitious plan. The illustrations, full of historic detail, are made with the same fond affection and humour and allow us to feel like one of the family.


A Blow Borne Quietly will be out summer 2017